Looking to pillage old school?

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Looking to pillage old school?

Post  Þorkell on Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:28 pm

Here be ye pirate games! pirat

I recently found this olde game again:

From 2003. Almost impossible to buy anywhere, but by other means one can get a hold of it (I have the CD somewhere, but why bother finding it..) pirat

Now, the original game might be fun enough, but the modding community is excellent! I remember playing something called Build 11/12, but now there's a Build 14: New Horizons! This mod will allow you to roleplay a 17th century whatever you want in the caribbean, and with the "Open Sea" mod installed (included, optional) it takes real time hours to sail from island to island Basketball
Furthermore it enhanced the whole game with new historical ships, items etc. proper names for the islands (the original game has made up names) - although the map isn't actually geographically correct, 'tis still nice.

Build 14 & Patch (remember to check "Open Sea mod" for pure epicness!)

Now, talking about pirates, here's the mod that made me join my first gaming clan:

Battlefield 1942 FREE & BF Pirates
There's actually a server running BFP if you want to play :-þ

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